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she/her 🎂april 22 polish+american

hi !!!🍧
🦑^_^ imma squid shark creature who came to the internet world cuz my destiny is to be an artist! i love fun stuff !!!! i draw n stuff n have silly hobbies

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ika gummy fun facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♡fav games★
pump it up, itg/ddr/stepmania, splatoon, club penguin, muse dash, pop’n music, needy streamer overload, undertale + deltarune, taiko no tatsujin, suika game, class of 09, project sekai, ddlc, boomerang fu, cookie run ob & kingdom, project diva, animal crossing, minecraft, moshi monsters, dokidoki, your turn to die, pokemon, hollow knight, (arcade games..)♡
fav music ♫♪
ika gummy playlist☆ + my spotify lol anything cool awesome rhythmic sounding is epic. HYPERPOP, happycore, pretty music, lots of 80’s + 90's + 2000's, edgy music, cute music, OSTs!!! (i LOVE whole osts of my fav games n shows etc.), vocaloid (favs r mitchie m and kikuo), nightcore
fav other thingz !!!
arcane (JINXXX👹👹), spiderverse, sanrio, mori chack, ena (by joel g), sharks, squids, arcade carpets, webcore, kidcore, glowy stuff, star shapes :D☆, fries, SNACKS, doodling, friends♡, adventures, madoka magica, LPS, gwenpool, stranger things, cute n alt fashion, liminal spaces, big cities, LEDs, glitter, jewlery, cute childhood 2000's stuff, tropical aesthetic, MLP, cute figurines n stuff, zoobles, aquariums, h2o just add water, nijinu, vtubers, animals, art, being online and unhinged!!!!!!!!!!!!

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characters i connect to & I THINK ABOUT THEM ALL DA TIME N I LOVE THEM!!!<3 i feel like i can strongly see myself in them & like yea !!!! THE CHARACTERS EVER

♡special★ (does this list make sense? of course it doesnt!!!!!!)
🩵jinx🩵 [arcane]
ame/kangel [needy streamer overload]
hatsune miku [vocaloid]
ena [by joel g]
kasane teto [utau]
pinkie pie [my little pony]
emu ootori [project sekai]
parfait cookieㅤ [cookie run]
gwen poole [the unbelievable gwenpool]
asahina mafuyu [project sekai]
gloomy bear [mori chack]
squid girl [shinryaku! ika musume]
temmie [undertale]
buro [muse dash]
callie [splatoon]
the fucking grimace shake
paruko/harmony [splatoon 3]
squid ink cookie [cookie run]
jevil [deltarune]


some other characters i like a lot!!!!